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“Having been pushed into remote learning unexpectedly, I now see the benefits of alternative education systems and Uschool helped me find a path that is not only working, it’s fun!”

Mark, Uschool Dad of three middleschoolers

Why Uschool?

Your child learns differently.

You want your child to be better prepared for life.

You want your child to find their passion and purpose earlier.

You are concerned about your local school's vaccination and COVID policies

You want flexibility. You don't want to be held hostage by school hours and schedules.

Your child is differently-abled and requires  intervention or enrichment that works.

You want more support from a credentialed educator that knows your child

You want your child to meet or exceed traditional school benchmarks and standards

You want an education designed around your child's natural curiosities.

You want a different path to success without closing doors to traditional pathways.

You want freedom from managing anxiety around your child's education

You want more for your child. 

Does this sound like your family?

How We Help

Shift from a one-size-fits-all classroom-based model of education to an individualized learning plan for your child with an expert credentialed teacher to support you.
K-12 learning without frustration.


Passion-Focused Learning Plan

Overwhelmed by curriculum options? By discovering your learner's unique passions, we help create engaging learning opportunities to inspire lifelong learners. Our Learning Advisors have decades of experience matching curriculum and other opportunities within families' personalized learning plans to match each learners' unique learning styles, interests, and abilities.  





Family Adaptive Support

Do you need a credentialed teacher and experienced homeschool veteran to walk this journey with you?  We offer monthly and even weekly support, both virtually and asynchronously, to engage with your learner and support caregivers as your family's primary educator.  'Need just an hour at a time?  We also offer that flexibility. For those who have recurring advisory services, we also offer tutoring with subject matter experts. We make sure you have the confidence, resources, and support you need to succeed. 

Courses and Resources Tailored to Learner's Passions

Today's learners have the world at their fingertips.  Their interests expand far beyond traditional classroom standards.  This is why Uschool is excited to launch internationally-acclaimed niche courses, accredited by Cambridge University, beginning in January 2022 with Mobile App Design and Music Production.  Please continue to follow us as more information soon becomes available. Meanwhile, Uschool's team of experts is also building a complimentary library of learning resources and continuing education parent resources to serve the community.

Who We Are

Our Founders are Educators and Innovators

Neil and Shauna have seen both sides of the traditional education and homeschooling worlds, as both parents and educators. They founded Uschool to provide parents with  support and guidance so that families can confidently and effectively educate their children outside of the classroom.

Neil Marcaccio
Co-Founder, CEO & Learning Advisor

Neil has experience as a classroom and special educator and has beena school administratrol for 11 years in Rhode Island. He is an expert in curriculum development and skilled at helping differently-abled learners. He holds credentials in: special education, administration,,  superintendency, K-8 multi-subject, and has a passion for marine science education.

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Shauna Anderson
Co-Founder, COO & Learning Advisor

Shauna has spent the past 20 years working as a full-time public charter school administrator for a non-classroom based school.  She is an expert in teaching and training alternative learning methods to parents and teachers. She holds credentials in English and Social Science as well as elementary multi subjects and English Learner authorizations.

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How Do I Start?

Where Can Flexible Learning with Uschool Take Your Child?

Thomas Edison was considered a "difficult child" and pulled out of school for home learning. The rest is history!
Teddy Roosevelt had many physical ailments that kept him out of the classroom, learning everything from his parents at home.
Agatha Christie was taught by her father at home and did a lot of learning on her own while traveling France and Egypt.
Alexander Graham Bell was considered a "poor student" until homeschooling ignited his passion for invention.
Ryan Gosling struggled with bullying and ADHD and began studying at home, developing a great "sense of autonomy."
Bill Gates taught his children at home, enjoying "influencing their education" and "finding teachable moments" every day.
Serena and Venus Williams were taught at home to spend more time at the tennis academy that shaped their future.
Sandra Day O'Connor, the first woman to serve on the Supreme Court, learned at home on her family's remote Arizona ranch.