Advisory Fellowshipdark
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Homeschool with a Community of Support

Uschool Advisory Fellowship

$1800 $1500 for the semester

The Uschool Advisory Fellowship is a selective program for families and learners to explore homeschooling. We help families learn the foundations in a welcoming and supportive space and access resources to make homeschooling easier.

Advising & Support

Highly experienced and credentialed homeschool experts and educators guiding families on whatever educational journey they wish to pursue.

Real-Time Learning

Cohort-based courses built to equip you with practical guidance and real-time tips and tools as you are navigating your family’s  journey.


A dedicated community space to connect and learn together, with access to networking opportunities, curated groups, and resources to help.

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Fellowship Details

Includes the following:

Family Discovery Session

1 hour consultation with the family and a Uschool Learning Advisor ($125)

Beginning Assessments and Customization (to be completed independently)

- Family Planning & Reflection Questionnaire ($50)

- Initial STAR 360 Assessment in Reading and Math ($75)

- Thrively Interest & Strengths Assessment ($30)

- Advisor planning for custom Recommendations  - 2-3 hours ($300)

Plan Building Session

1 hour consultation with a Uschool Learning Advisor ($125)

- Review of questionnaire and assessments together

- Build & customize learning plan with advisor recommendations

- Customize semester-long Family Uschool Schedule 

Monthly Advising

1 hour consultation with a  Uschool Learning Advisor for 3 months ($125/month for $375)

- Check in

- Make recommendations and adjustments

- Address successes and challenges

- Reviewing assessments when needed

Homeschool Record keeping Templates & Guidance

Help with record keeping and/or filing for homeschooling with your state ($100)


End of Semester Standards-based Assessment 

Post STAR 360 Assessment in Reading and Math ($75)  


4 month Cohort-Based Parent/Guardian Course on “How to Uschool” 

Bi-monthly 1 hour classes for 4 months ($500)

- Practical guidance and tips real time as you are navigating your family’s Uschool journey


Parent Uschool Community Subscription 

- Subscription ($14.99/month for 4 months = $59.96) 

- Uschool Community Learning & Networking

- Bi-Weekly Office Hours Q & A

- Asynchronous access to advisors through messaging on our Heartbeat platform

- Networking and fellowship with other cohort families

Learner Uschool Community Subscription

- Subscription ($14.99/month for 4 months = $59.96)

- Uschool Community Learning & Networking with peers and mentors

- Monthly live session with learners

- Thrively account access

- Lessons, projects, challenges, digital portfolio

- Games, challenges, and connections

- Student Lounge Discord Community for cohort families

- Virtual field trips