Families can set attainable goals, celebrate achievements, and target learning loss by implementing an assessment driven education plan. Assessments, both formal and informal, are extremely useful as starting points in the next phase of a learner’s journey.  


$150 - Standardized Assessment and Multiple Intelligences Package

       - Assessment in English Language Arts and Math

       - Assessments in Strengths, Interests, and Learning Styles

      - 30 min review of results with a credentialed educator.

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Assessment Options

Achievement Testing

(Starting at $100)

Uschool offers families the STAR 360 standards-aligned math and reading assessments, commonly used by school districts nationwide.  These short adaptive tests can be completed at home, proctored upon request.  Families receive detailed reporting, which Uschool’s credentialed learning advisors help review to create attainable goals.

Multiple Intelligences

(Starting at $50)

For families seeking more about their individual student’s unique learning strengths, multiple intelligence profiles, and learning interests, Uschool also offers an hour-long assessment package that provides these insights.

One-On-One Discovery

(Starting at $125)

Uschool’s expert learning advisors are credentialed and highly experienced teachers who invest in the whole-learner and their unique abilities, interests, and needs. For those exploring individualized learning, the learning advisors spend discovery time with both the learner and the family then partner in creating customized learning plans with curated course and curriculum recommendations as well as tutoring and mentoring opportunities.

Why Assessments Can Help

The Uschool consultants have extensive experience with assessments within the homeschool setting and traditional school system. Our Coaches are ready to guide your family, listen to your unique needs, and help you make the best educational decision for your family.

Testing can be helpful and unobtrusive and can give your family a baseline while developing and implementing a tailored learning plan. Uschool has access to tools that are typically reserved for larger, mainstream learning entities. We make these accessible to all families.
Periodic benchmarking can inform learning and give peace of mind. If you plan to return to a traditional classroom, you will be ready and aligned for success. If you don't, you will have the assurance that your child is meeting (and typically exceeding) traditional standards.
Specialized testing can make the seemingly impossible, possible. If your family is looking to address a very specific need for intervention or enrichment, diagnostic assessments can quickly get to the targets. Uschool seamlessly builds personalized goals into your personalized learning plan. Uschool has access to proprietary tools as well as the expertise to analyze the results and use them to guide your learner.
Uschool assessments can be used as progress monitoring tools. Get real data to show growth during the journey of your customized learning plan. Assessments can often help your family make the best use of learning time and Uschool learners often exceed their peers. You are able to learn new content and skills. More importantly, you are able to emphasize real-world application!