Benchmarking & Assessments

Are you homeschooling in a state where normed assessments are necessary, or looking for benchmarking or assessments to evaluate your learner for future goal setting?  
Uschool can provide nationally-normed testing options along with detailed results that can be completed from home.  Testing can be used to support your learner in their learning journey.
Assessments begin at $50, and options include proctoring and detailed results analysis.

Testing can be helpful and unobtrusive.

Benchmarking can give your family and the Uschool team supporting your learning plan a baseline and  focus in developing and implementing an amazing learning plan. Uschool has access to tools that are typically reserved for larger, mainstream learning entities. We make these accessible to all families. 

Periodic benchmarking can inform learning and give families a piece of mind.

If you plan to return to a traditional classroom, you will be ready and aligned for success. If you don't, you will have the piece of mind knowing that while your childs learning experiences are different and typically more connected they are still meeting  (and typically exceeding) the standards..

Specialized testing can make the seemingly impossible, possible.

If your famiy is looking to address a very specific need for intervention or enrichment, diagnostic assessments can quickly get to the targets. From there, Uschool seamlessley builds these into your highly engaging learning plan. Uschool has access to the tools and the people who now how to both use them and share the information with famileis. 

What specific benchmarking can do for your child.

Even if you don't believe in testing and benchmarking, some initial assessments can truly help custom tailor a Uschool learning plan to your child's strengths and needs.
Many families want the flexibility to pivot back to traditional learning quickly. Benchmarking can help make this process seamless.
Specialized assessments can truly help your differently-abled learner get the customized content they need for intervention or enrichment.
Uschool has great assessments that can be used as progress monitoring tools. Get real data that shows your child is growing with their custom learning plan, often exceeding peers.
Assessments are sometimes required for learners that are being homeschooled. This depends on your state.
Assessments and benchmarking can often help your family make the best use of learning time. Why teach content and skills your child has already mastered. Focus on new skills, content, snd most importantly, APPLICATION!