Education Unlocked Podcast - An Interview with Kyle Thompson

Written By Shauna Anderson
November 26, 2021 1:45 PM

Reflecting on our past, present, and future ideas of Education 

At Uschool, we hope to promote more autonomy in education by empowering learners and their families to fearlessly blaze new learning paths and tap into their talents and passions earlier. We do this with personalized Family Adaptive Learning Plans that build an education around each learner and family, matching them with a dedicated credentialed Learning Advisor who offers trusted support grounded in love and respect.

👊 We ALL have a responsibility for and vested interest in the learners of today, as they will become the leaders of tomorrow. 🙌

This series of interviews focuses on successful innovators, leaders, and trailblazers who are working in different industries and career paths. We want to drill down into their life and educational experiences that helped them get to where you are today. 

Intro to the Episode

In this show we get to talk with one of my favorite people. Kyle Thompson is a musician, artist, DJ, digital art and music creator, and community creator, leader, innovator and influencer. Kyle and I dropped out of college to go on the road with our band Belizbeha in the mid 90s (this was pre youtube, MP3s, spotify, even pre personal computers for a lot of us!) Kyle talks about his upbringing and the opportunities that really fostered his creativity and how he uses that to bring joy to people. 


Show Notes

Intro Song: “So Strange” by Belizbeha

2:04 - Song “I Feel Your Sympathy” by Fattie B Blends 

Shauna’s College: University of Vermont
Kyle’s College: Champlain College

2:57 - Song “Catch the Flow” by Belizbeha

Belizbeha’s Facebook Page

Belizbeha Gig Schedule from the 90s
Belizbeha News - one of the first websites on the internet thanks to drummer Mark Robohm, who now runs Juicy Orange
Champlain College’s Graphic Design Program

7:45 - Song “Only If” by Belizbeha

Burlington Vermont
Gallon of Maple Syrup

11:00 - Clip from Discover Jazz Festival in Burlington Vermont, 2018

Soundbites: '90s Nostalgia in Full Effect | Music News + Views
Burlington Vermont in the 1990s Public Group

14:00 - Kyle coins the new term “Artistic ADD”

Kyle was doing common core math before it was cool. Introduction to Mathematical Thinking | Stanford Online

The Grid Method: An Easy Step-by-Step Instructional Guide for Transferring or Enlarging Images — Art is Fun

Recognizing Spatial Intelligence   

19:30 - Clip from Custom MixTape that Kyle made for Shauna’s Dad

Fattie B On His New Memoir | Music Feature - 20 years DJing Retronome

21:10 - Song “Your Mama’s Song” by Fattie B Mashups 
The Boom Boom Zoom Room - Uschool is a proud sponsor for this season! Links to past sets: 

24:37 - Clip from the Boom Boom Zoom Room

Past Weather in Burlington, Vermont, USA — Yesterday or Further Back
Order a custom mix tape from Kyle.  Here is the order form.
Kyle’s one-of-a-kind personalized art.

“You might not be good at something right away but if you want to do something, and you believe in it and you have fun doing it, getting good at it won’t seem like work.”

34:50 - Clip from Kyle’s radio show “Bangers and Mash” 

Bangers and Mash Episodes: 

Shauna’s manifesto on speaking life into people, especially amazing teenagers.

Using Positive Reinforcement to Improve Behavior

Nurtured Heart approach to parenting

Billie Eilish
The Beatles
Mashups - what are they?

39:50 - Song - “Yellin Rebel” by Fattie B Blends

All of Kyle’s Mashups
I Was A 400-pound '80s DJ: My Memoirs Through Music - (WARNING - NSFW and NOT KID APPROPRIATE!) 
Audacity ® | Free, open source, cross-platform audio software for multi-track recording and editing.
Hop 3 — Big Heavy WorldHop 4 — Big Heavy World

52:37 - Ending Song “Not 4 Nothin’” by Belizbeha


Read more about Kyle here: WHO IS FATTIE B.? – 

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As a 15-year teaching administrator at a personalized learning public charter school in California, Shauna loves supporting both families and educators on their learning journeys and is a passionate advocate for parent and student choice and autonomy in education. Outside the classroom she loves to sing and is a member of a jazz band and a hip-hop, funk, acid jazz band.

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