Frequently Asked Questions

Embarking on a Uschool journey can be a fun and exciting thing, but it can also leave you with some questions. Check out the information below and if you still need help, contact one of our advisors!

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FAQs for Families


How do I know that Uschool classes/experiences are developmentally appropriate for my learner?

Start by reading the class/experience description. If it appeals to you and your learner and the age range is at least close, chances are it can work. The best thing to do is to reach out to the educator and ask the same question(s). He, she, or they should be able to tell you if the class/experience might be a good fit.

Our classes/experiences and other learning experiences tend to be small which keeps things flexible. It never hurts to reach out to the educator(s) to tell them about your learner and why you feel he, she, or they might be a good fit despite not meeting some or all of the prerequisites.

Many times, classes that accommodate a range of ages are excellent ways for your learner to grow and learn in ways beyond a traditional classroom environment. Remember, you know your learner best!


How will I know if my learner is performing along the lines of his, her, or their peers in traditional school?

We know families have mixed feelings when it comes to "officially" checking progress and comparing progress to peers. We also recognize that many families experience more stress and anxiety than others regarding the homeschool journey. We offer help and guidance for families who wish to participate in a formal process to measure progress during the year. Standards can have their place in a more traditional Uschool learning plan or in one that looks nothing like a traditional school experience. Assessments and standards can provide our Uschool team and your family with guidance around developing a highly customized plan of learning that you and your child will love. 

We have access to a variety or norm referenced and specialized assessments that can serve a varieity of purposes. More importantly we have access to credentialed humans that understand that data has a face and that families need support in understanding what the numbers mean and what they translate into when it comes to meaningful learning. We work with reading specialists, behavior speciailists, teachers of the gifted and talented, and just about any other specialty you can imagine.


What if I want to go back to a traditional brick and mortar school?

People choose alternatives to conventional school for many reasons. Sometimes it is a long-term decision. Other times it is for short-term reasons, such as travel, illness, a change in family dynamics, etc. This is a journey, not a destination. We are happy to help give you some guidance based on what your unique needs may be.

Our team of coaches has extensive experience with guiding families on both homeschooling and traditional schooling options. Our Coaches are ready to talk with you about your unique needs, listen to your thoughts, and help you define options to make the best decision for your family at this time.


My child has a documented disability, how will this be accommodated by educators?

We are big on inclusivity of all types at Uschool and our educators are, too. Uschool learning experiences are inherently differentiated and tailored to the needs of the learners who choose to engage in them. If your child has a documented disability, it would be helpful to provide the educator the list of all accommodations listed in any formal documents (IEPs, 504s, etc). If you do not have formal documentation by all means reach out to the educator to share your child’s strengths and needs. Above all else, establishing communication and understanding will go a long way towards ensuring a positive and successful learning experience. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Uschool team either. Many of us have experience in working with differently abled learners.

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