We are thrilled to announce our receipt of a grant through the Vela Education Fund, which enables us to offer 10 scholarships to the Spring 2022 Advisory Fellowship.  Scholarship recipients receive the entire semester-long Fellowship for just $100.


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Scholarship Details

$1800 Value: All for Just $100

Open to K through 11th grade learners and their families in the US seeking guidance on how to homeschool effectively.
Consideration given to previous learning experience, family and learner need, DEI (Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion)
$100 registration fee within 72 hours of award notice; failure to do so will void the award and it will be offered to the next applicant on the wait list.
Recipients agree to provide written, video, and/or survey feedback on their Uschool experience.
Scholarship services will expire on June 3rd, 2022. Scholarships cannot be transferred, postponed, or refunded.
Families with multiple learners may apply. Scholarships are per learner, not per family.


We thank the VELA Education Fund for their generous support of Uschool’s mission
to meet increasing demand for individualized education by making alternative educational pathways more accessible and acceptable.
VELA Education Fund supports everyday entrepreneurs who are boldly reimagining education.


What the Fellowship Includes:


  • Family Discovery Session ($550)
  • Plan Building Session ($125)
  • Monthly Advising for 3 months ($375)
  • Homeschool Record keeping Templates & Guidance ($100)
  • Pre and Post Standards-based Assessment Package  ($200)
  • 4 month Cohort-Based Parent/Guardian Course on “How to Uschool”  ($400)
  • Learner Uschool Community Subscription ($14.99/month for 4 months = $59.96)

*The regular pricing of services without the scholarship award is indicated in parentheses.


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