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I was struggling to find resources that matched my 7-year old’s energy level and learning style. Uschool steered me to some great tools in 10 minutes. Extended my half-hour to an hour, and ended up talking about schedules and socialization. Good, clear, actionable advice. You can tell the Uschool staff has been there. Prior to this call, I was on the fence about being able to navigate all the information out there.

Uschool Dad, Massachusetts

Uschool’s coaching let me focus on my child’s learning, saved me so much time, and helped me manage my anxiety about different learning paths. I now know I can do this, and I also know I have a resource I can trust.


Uschool Mom, California

Our 8-year-old son struggled with going to school. Our decision to homeschool was not an easy one. Uschool built us an amazing plan and our child loves learning every day and school takes far less time. We spend the rest of our days taking field trips and socializing with other kids through play. Our advisor works with us monthly and our son is now 6 months ahead of his peers using the same benchmarking tools as his old school. We know we can go back but will probably be Uschoolers forever!

Uschool Mom, Boston

Our family wanted to travel in our RV and see the country. Homeschooling seemed daunting and my wife and I were worried about the transition back to public school after a year in the RV. We are 4 months into seeing the US and it’s been amazing. Our advisor meets with us monthly, and is regularly updating the plans for our three children ages 6, 9 & 11. The kids are thriving and each of them has exceeded their learning goals. My new worry is whether or not their traditional school will be up to challenge them.

Uschool Dad, Florida

Our 10th-grade daughter has autism. She loved pandemic distance learning and thrived. She wanted to keep this going but with more social and community pieces. Uschool got her engaged with a local environmental organization and with online courses that are accredited and flexible. Our advisor also worked with the local district around her IEP. What’s amazing is that the Uschool plan is the accommodation and she doesn’t seem to need much of what’s in the IEP to be successful at home or in the community.

Uschool Mom, California

Uschool’s coaching helped me navigate my local regulations and easily connect with my school district about homeschooling. Turns out I had previously received a lot of wrong information. It’s easier than you think!

Uschool Mom, Rhode Island

Uschool has changed our family's world. My three kids are loving their Uschool plans, and for the first time in our lives learning truly revolves around family. Traditional school used to run our lives and my kids didn't enjoy much of what they were doing and learning. We've been doing the monthly advising plan for 6 months and these check ins help us continue to innovate with our plans and take away the anxiety of homeschooling. We now travel when we want and have extra days each week for field trips and just plain family fun!

Uschool Dad, Nevada

We were paying $10,000 per kid for our 4 children to attend a private school that was a 40 minute commute into the suburbs from our home in the city. Two of our kids struggled academically and had severe anxiety and stress about going to school. With 35 students in the classroom, the teacher moved quickly through material, had very high expectations, and our son and daughter got further and further behind. They often got punished for being behind in work, and the teacher made them spend their recess completing unfinished work. The teacher suggested that the kids arrive 45 minutes before school for tutoring.

This was a recipe for disaster; the kids were exhausted, they fell further behind, the school and teacher continued to discipline the kids, and we were frustrated at the costly expense of this "good" school that was supposed to give our kids an academic advantage but was instead killing their love of learning. Not to mention the commute and dwindling family time that was consumed with more and more homework.We couldn't see a way out of this vicious cycle. The neighborhood school was not an option for us as it was in a dangerous part of town and performed poorly. 

At wits end, we reached out to Uschool for a 3 hour consultation. Our Uschool advisor listened to them, asked deep questions about the kids' interests and passions and struggles. 

Our Uschool advisor gave us some ideas to do at home if we wanted to continue to keep the kids in the private school, but also offered a different solution: Uschooling. With the monthly support of our advisor, we could educate the kids outside of school, get a custom learning plan for each kid, and be matched and connected to a like-minded community of Uschool learners and families. We felt a huge weight lifted knowing that with our advisor working with us to make sure they get caught up and stay on grade level, our family would feel supported on this new learning journey.


Uschool Mom, California

Our son was a highly advanced learner. When he was seven, the gifted magnet opened and he was excited to attend. After testing, the GATE school offered him grade acceleration as well as independent study of his math and English, which was much further ahead. By the end of the semester, the teacher explained that he was a model student, but even the accelerated gifted class was holding him back. He spent the next several years “Uschooling” before entering 10th grade seamlessly at a traditional high school, where he graduated at age 15. Brendan was successful both socially and academically, playing baseball for his high school thanks to Uschool's support.

Uschool Mom, California

Having been pushed into remote learning unexpectedly, I now see the benefits of alternative education systems, and Uschool helped me find a path that is not only working, it’s fun!

Uschool Dad, New York

I needed a plan for when my daughter couldn't return to school because of an unexpected illness in our family. Working full time as a single mom, I didn't know how I would be able to handle teaching her AND working. My Uschool advisor created a plan that worked around our schedule and explained that learning didn't have to be during school hours. And learning takes way less time than it does in the classroom. My daughter learns what she needs in half the time, leaving us more time to care for our family member. 

Uschool Mom, New York

We were super nervous to leave our school, but we really wanted to travel now that my husband's job became remote. It is such a freeing feeling to not have to worry about homework or making lunches or getting everyone up in the morning! We do learning on our own time, all over the world! And the best learning happens for us when we are exploring the places we are in. 

Uschool Mom, California

The Best Education is the One U Build… Wherever U Are.

Uschool is learning, not schooling.

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