Why Do Families Need Learning Advisors?

Uschool families don't want to be boxed in by traditional education that can frustrate some students and hinder growth for gifted children. They want more flexibility in their learners’ education and want to accomplish this responsibly in a way that aligns with their family's unique strengths, needs, and life plans.

Their learners need more time with educators who push their pursuit of interests and passions through authentically engaging personalized learning. They need to constantly see connections to personal passions and the world, to unlock their true and exceptional potential. Uschool educational advisors, and parents like you, make this possible!

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Passion-Centered Learning, Personalized Educational Paths

By creating connections to an array of local schooling alternatives and passionate educators, Uschool helps families shift from a one-size-fits-all schooling model to a personalized learning model focused around each learner’s distinct passions and goals.

Our talented education advisors will work with you and your children to design an individualized master learning plan. Together, Uschool helps create a personalized learning plan for each child or teen in your family.

Transition and Coach

Helping you move from traditional schooling models to Uschool and setting your family up for success.

Navigate and Advise

Walking you through homeschool laws step-by-step and being there to provide advice and support.

Benchmark and Track

Developing learning plans that keep your learners on track or exceeding educational standards.

More Free Time. More Flexibility. And More Learning Joy.

Many parents send their kids off to traditional schools that don't suit their children's learning needs or their family's lifestyle. And, many flexible learning and homeschool parents waste precious time and money on curriculum and materials that aren't the right fit either. What's a parent to do?
Uschool has the tools to set your child or teen up for flexible and personalized learning success. Our advisors are independent educational consultants, providing you with ongoing evidence that they're meeting and exceeding benchmarks and traditional school expectations. Their goal is to simply empower you to make the best and most informed decisions for your family.
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New to Flexible Learning?

If this is your first foray into the engaging world of flexible learning, you undoubtedly have a lot of questions:

- How do I talk to people about my decision?

-  How do I choose a curriculum?

- What about local laws and regulations?

- How many hours per day or week does my child need to spend learning?

- What about socialization?

- What does the day-to-day commitment really look like?

Good news – our learning advisors have all the answers (and most have already been down this road themselves). 

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Experienced with Flexible Learning?

You may have already been engaging your child in a flexible learning program, but have hit a roadblock or have nagging concerns:

- What about high school and beyond?

- Will my child be ready for college?

- What about a blended program, would that be better?

- Is it time to send my child back to a traditional brick-and-mortar school?

- How do I conduct benchmarking as my child gets older?

- I'm not sure how to plan the curriculum for an upcoming course...

Worry no more, our educational advisors are here to help whether you're new to flexible learning or an old pro. We can answer all your questions and guide you to other helpful resources to stay the course with confidence.

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